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The ultimate vacuum cleaner buying guide

This is the only vacuum cleaner buying guide you need to read if you planning to buy a vacuum cleaner

Your old vacuum cleaner might have just breathed it’s last a few days back or maybe you have finally given up on manual dusting. In both scenarios, you need to buy a new vacuum cleaner for yourself.

Going online to purchase the best turns out to be a greater challenge due to the splurge of options available. Most of the time, people end up buying something that’s either too costly or maybe looks great but under-delivers when it comes to performance.

We understand the dilemma you are facing and this is why we have come up with this definitive guide to purchasing your next vacuum cleaner online. Right from why you need one to the various types, we have covered it all to make your buying journey easy and worthy.

This is the only guide you need to read before you decide to know and understand different types of vacuums cleaners, features, budget, and recommendations on buying a vacuum cleaner suited to your needs

7 reasons why you should buy a vacuum cleaner!

A vacuum cleaner makes your work easier. While manual dusting and cleaning took a toll on the body and many people complained about the various sprains and strains they felt while doing such tasks for prolonged periods, using these vacuum cleaners helps you get rid of such physical pain. All you need to do is charge and clean the place without any major change to your body posture. There will be no more backaches or sudden sprains just because you had to stoop low constantly for cleaning.

With the COVID-19 scare all around, the last thing anyone would want to have is a dusty room and sofas. Keeping everything clean and fresh is the need of the hour to restrict the virus from creeping into the homes. A Vacuum cleaner helps you to oomph up the hygiene quotient of your home manifolds. It helps you get rid of the dust as well as bacterias so that the place is ready for sanitizing and then you can use it as usual!

Your vacuum cleaner can reach spots that you can never! Yes, you read it right. The intake port in your vacuum cleaner is a long pipe-like thing that can go deep in the cracks and corners of your sofa to the curtains or shades of your living room. It can help you get rid of unwanted pests as you can easily push the pipe deeper into the crevices to let the machine suck out every dirt and whatsoever is hidden within them.

The worst enemy of human beings is allergens! The kind of health issues that can originate from allergens in your home is huge and really serious. Right from extreme headache, nausea to itching of the skin, and red eyes, the human body responds differently to allergens and gets sick. With a vacuum cleaner in use, you can be assured that there will be no allergens left in your house after you use the cleaner on the dust-laden areas. Also, while cleaning you won’t have to face the sudden pop of dust right on your face because you might have dusted it harder than you should have.

If you have pets in your home then the worst worry for you is the uncontrollable spread of your furry friends’ precious furs. They are literally all over the place and anytime they can be on your food too! The health hazards are huge which is quite needless to say. Having a vacuum cleaner will help you get rid of the pet furs easily and it’ll make your home a better place to coexist with your furry friend.

Do you have a baby in your home? A toddler who crawls throughout your homes or plays with his/her toys on the carpet is the worst hit when there’s dust or dirt on the floor or the carpet. They literally eat, sleep, play, and repeat on those carpets throughout the day which further makes it increasingly important to keep them clean. Having a vacuum cleaner will allow you to clean your carpets for your baby and make the space hygienic for him\her to be in.

In this fast-paced world, there really isn’t much time left after cooking, a job, and taking care of children to clean and dust the home. The lack of time means taking a risk of keeping the house full of dust and allergens. While manual dusting takes a lot of time and can make the person sick with the dust present, using a vacuum cleaner saves a lot of time. It can easily be a part of your daily routine and you’ll be done with the entire cleaning process at 50-60% less time, for sure!

The reasons why you need a vacuum cleaner will go on and on but it’s time now that we delve deeper into understanding which is the perfect cleaner that you would need.

The different types of Vacuum cleaners available in the market

There are 5 major types of vacuum cleaner available in the market for your purchase. Each has some edge over the other and hence we have this guide to make your choice easier and quicker.

Handheld – The handheld vacuum cleaners are the most portable ones. As the name suggests, you can hold it in one hand and get the cleaning job done. It is very useful to clean the nook and corners of your home. Also, when it comes to vacuum cleaning your car, this is the best option for you. However, these are not perfect for flooring cleaning as it will take a long time, and hence it’s best for the corners, edges, and your car.

Canister – The canister model is the perfect middle point between the stick and the upright model vacuum cleaner. The sleek and slender frame like the stick cleaner is coupled with the power of an upright model. A canister is added to the long wand to enable cleaning of flooring as well as carpeted areas. As these are technological forward and extremely powerful due to its multi-functional design, the pricing remains on the expensive side.

Upright – The most popular and widely used as well as advertised vacuum cleaners is the upright model. It provides powerful cleaning for your house and what makes it further special is its easy-to-use feature. Most of the upright vacuum cleaners can be used on both bare flooring as well as carpets.

Stick – Stick vacuum cleaners are the least powerful ones when it comes to the various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. However, their popularity owes to the fact that they can fit into any narrow passage and do the cleaning which other cleaners aren’t much efficient at due to their form factor or size. It works wonders on hardwood floors, light rugs, and carpets. The slim form factor is what makes it a popular choice amongst buyers.

Robot – As the name suggests, the robot vacuum cleaners have minimized human effort completely. These have gained immense popularity in recent times as it saves time and it roams around in your home while sucking in any mess that comes on its way. It is great to use as it reduces human effort totally and it can reach places such as under the bed or behind the sofa and cupboard with ease. However, the steep pricing is one factor that makes customers think twice before purchasing these robotic vacuum cleaners. Alexa powered vacuum cleaners are also taking the market by a storm these days.

Vacuum cleaners based on floor types

Not every type of vacuum cleaner will provide the same kind of performance on the wide variety of flooring. This is why it is important to know the type of flooring well enough and then choose a vacuum cleaner according to it so that you get the best performance. Here are some of the most popular floor types and the vacuum cleaners best suited according to them.

Carpets Cleaners – Carpets and rugs are the most common flooring element in the US and it is suggested that they must be cleaned at least twice a week. For your carpet flooring, you can choose an upright model of vacuum cleaners and if you have the budget then robotic cleaners can do amazing too.

Dual Action – What happens in a dual-action vacuum cleaner is that the brush and the motor are driven by two separate motors which allow it more power. Such a cleaner can be perfect if you choose to use it for hardwood and also carpets. It can suck in all the pet hair and mess on your hardwood floor without any hassle whatsoever. It is most effective when it comes to getting rid of the allergens totally.

Hard floor – There is nothing that can remove dirt and debris from a hard floor better than a good vacuum cleaner. For your hard floor, canister vacuum cleaners are the best choice. For hard floor cleaning the ease of use has to be the first and foremost feature because unlike carpets you cannot replace them.

Vacuum cleaner based on features

Here are some of the features on which you can rest your Vacuum cleaner purchase decision.

Lightweight – As the feature suggests, these vacuum cleaners are easy to handle even with one hand and the best fit for elderly people. The lightweight of this will allow for greater mobility and ease of use.

Pet Hair – We understand that you love your pet but we also know that you don’t appreciate their fur all over the place in your home, do you? Removing pet hair is one of the complex challenges for most vacuum cleaners which is why you need to choose this feature specifically to get pet hair remover vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filtration – If you are looking for vacuum cleaners with the utmost efficiency in trapping micro and small-sized particles in the air, the HEPA filtration feature is a must! High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter is meant to reduce allergens in the house totally and hence they are a lot more effective than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Washable filters – To keep your vacuum cleaner up and running perfectly fine for a long period of time, it is recommended that you check whether it has a washable filter or not. Replacing filters can turn out to be a recurrent cost while washable ones can be dealt with just by little maintenance. Washing your filter will help to deodorize the cleaner and also remove clogs for better suction.

Cyclonic – These vacuum cleaners are extremely powerful to squeeze out dust and debris from every nook and corner of your property. These are called cyclonic because the dust and debris that is sucked in, goes into the bag in which air is constantly in a cyclonic pattern. The pattern helps the dirt and debris to settle in different parts of the bag while more dust/debris keep coming in through the suction pipe.

Portable – As the name suggests, these are portable and handheld vacuum cleaners which are efficient to deal with small places or the interiors of your car. However, it won’t be a great idea to go vacuum cleaning with these in large rooms or places as they aren’t much powerful due to their uber compact set up.

Now that you know about the features, let’s simplify your understanding of vacuum cleaners further with cord type categorization!

Vacuum cleaner based on cord types

Corded – The corded vacuum cleaners are directly connected to the mains and hence are extremely powerful. If you are cleaning carpets and need high suction power, going with the corded vacuum cleaner is the best thing to do. If you have a bigger home with more than 3-4 family members, multiple carpets and pets, choosing a corded vacuum cleaner is the wise step.

Cordless – With a cordless vacuum cleaner, your proximity isn’t restricted only to the mains or socket. You can freely move around the home and even outside with these vacuum cleaners. Generally, these cordless vacuum cleaners are at least 3-4 kgs slimmer than the corded ones which make it easier to carry. It is the portability that brings people to take the buying decision for such cordless ones.

Automatic rewind – If you have an issue with keeping the vacuum cleaner along with the cord then the automatic rewind feature is the best for you. The cord stays inside the cleaner and you can pull it out when needed. Also, when you are done you can press the automatic rewind button and the wire is retracted back inside the vacuum cleaner. This makes your storage experience smoother and less space-consuming. After all, no one likes to tackle the clutter of wires!

Now that you have “all you need to know” guide for vacuum cleaners we really hope you will take a much-informed buying decision. Always choose performance and ease of use over everything else because at the end of the day you should have a machine that gets the work done without bothering you much. Good luck mate!

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