15 Times Disney Movies Did A Reallllllly Lawful Job At Facing Severe Issues

15 Times Disney Movies Did A Reallllllly Lawful Job At Facing Severe Issues

When Jessie used to be abandoned in Toy Sage 2, but that did now not indicate she used to be incapable of giving or receiving take care of.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to repeat us about the without warning dark moments in Disney movies. Listed right here are the cases they handled these excessive components surely well.


In Interior Out, when Riley’s despair used to be illustrated as a real be anxious, in preference to her comely being an angsty microscopic one.


“The substitute emotions would possibly possibly well now not effect Riley ‘surely feel anything else’ as a consequence of her despair. I have been there sooner than, and I surely associated to those scenes. I am entirely jubilant Disappointment used to be ready to assist her!”



In Up, when Ellie found out she used to be pregnant, embellished the total nursery, but then suffered a miscarriage.


“This entire movie used to be about standpoint. They confirmed Ellie and Carl accepting their obstacles and pushing thru them. This specific 2d did now not insecure remote from the actual fact that lifestyles also will most certainly be exhausting and painful.”



In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when the gang bullied Quasimodo and threw tomatoes at him merely because he used to be totally different.


“All of the movie targeted on spiritual corruption, a terror of of us who’re totally different, and the have to indicate compassion and be birth-minded. Attributable to this Disney continuously pleases audiences — they don’t tiresome storylines down for teenagers, and so they’ll tackle excessive components.”



In Finding Nemo, when Marlin and Nemo had been doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing survivors after the barracuda attack, which allowed the movie to focal level on themes of take care of and loss.


—Paloma Pinzón Umaña, Fb


In Toy Sage 2, when Jessie’s entire backstory printed that she used to be abandoned, but that did now not indicate she used to be now not in a position to giving or receiving take care of.


“This entire scene used to be heartbreaking, but she used to be indirectly ready to birth up again to a novel neighborhood of of us.”



In Cinderella, when the defective stepsisters violently tore apart her selfmade costume, reiterating the actual fact that now not every person comes from a entirely jubilant dwelling.



In Monsters, Inc., when Sulley had to claim goodbye to Boo, proving that infrequently you wish to claim goodbye to the ones you take care of.



In Tarzan, when Tarzan, Kala, and Kerchak suffered insurmountable loss but aloof found hope and dwelling in a selected household.



In The Princess and the Frog, when Ray accepted the substandard news of his glean destiny, gleaming (or now not now not up to hoping) that something correct would near from it.


“He knew that he’d be reunited with Evangeline as a celebrity in the sky, and I comprise that is a noteworthy procedure to judge lifestyles. On occasion all you’ll be ready to stop is renounce and win the stop consequence.”



In Moana, when Grandma Tala stated her final goodbye to Moana sooner than loss of life, reminding every person that the of us you lose will continuously be with you.



In Coco, when Ernesto printed that he poisoned Héctor, which used to be a trim obvious — albeit dark — procedure to coach of us about friendship and betrayal.



In Mulan, when Mulan proved to the misogynistic men/society that girls also will most certainly be stable, tidy, and tricky, and their region doesn’t must be in the dwelling.


“They nearly killed her after they found out she used to be a girl, even after she saved every person with the avalanche. Then, when she tried to warn the of us of China that the Huns had been aloof alive, the total men skipped over her because she used to be a girl. This movie used to be clearly reflective of the cases, but it absolutely’s aloof an staunch lesson in misogyny.”



In The Lion King, when Scar killed Mufasa and blamed it on Simba, showing the hazards of how a long way some of us will slither for energy.


“It be lesson in energy and betrayal. It be moreover a predominant reminder that infrequently we have gotten to separate ourselves from obvious of us, even if they’re in our household.”



In Lilo & Stitch, when Lilo opened up to Stitch about her fogeys’ deaths, and Stitch admitted that he felt lost.


“On the face of it, the movie is set an uncontrollable alien who learns the that means of household, but there are subplots that take care of social companies, adoption, and feeling undesirable.”

—lulupanda57 and jbmasta


And in Toy Sage 3, when Andy gave all of his accepted toys to Bonnie, proving that we all outgrow our past sooner or later, and that’s okay.


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